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As-Built Services

As-built services most commonly requested:

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • MEP (Mech. Elect. Plumb.)
  • RCP (Reflected ceiling plan)
  • Building sections
  • Roof plans
  • Finish schedules
  • Photos with key maps
  • Structural drawings
  • Furniture plan/schedule
  • Egress plans
  • Interior elevations
  • Fire sprinkler plans
  • Equipment plans
  • BOMA plans
  • Roof framing plans
  • Project video

As-Built Services Deliverables

deliAs-built CAD Drawings:
Upon completion, we will upload your  as-built files to our secure server and send you a link, you may then download your project at your convenience. We can also deliver your product as any or all of the following: CAD files on CD; CAD files via email; high and low resolution PDF files (typically sized 24″ x 36″). Our most Common CAD files requested are DWG and RVT (any version).

As-built Photo and Video Documentation:
Your finished product will be uploaded to our secure server, you may then download your files at your convenience. Unless requested otherwise your files will be the following format – JPG, MPG, MP4.

High resolution as-built examples

High Resolution As-Built Drawing Examples

All as-built project examples are the property of A.E.C Consultants Inc, and are not to be used, saved, downloaded or copied without written consent from A.E.C Consultants Inc…. click on any image to view the as-built drawing file (pdf).