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Position Details

Architectural Asbuilt Surveyor - New York

Position Location:

New York City

Job Description:

We are looking for experienced Architectural asbuilt surveyors located in New York city who are interested in working in the field and from home to create accurate measured drawings of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Measured drawings will include the fundamental parts of the buildings; walls, doors, windows. Measured drawings will vary in detail from basic to highly detailed finished drawings, which can also include electrical, lighting, observable building sections, reflected ceiling plans, roof plans, plumbing and mechanical plans. An associate must also be able to create site plans with spot elevations (without boundary information) and photo documentation of the building. It is possible for time onsite to span several days for larger projects; once complete the associate will work
from home to complete the specific drawings requested.

Who May Be Considered:

Architectural drafters with asbuilt experience interested in creating their own schedule, AutoCAD experienced individuals with construction and engineering/architectural knowledge.

In order to quantify:

All prospective associates must possess the following:

• Reliable transportation
• Hand held laser with a 150′ minimum range
• Digital camera
• A Ricoh Theta 360 Panorama Camera
• Advanced AutoCAD skills and access to a computer with AutoCad
• Recent asbuilt experience
• Understanding of basic building principles.
• Professional customer service skills.

To Apply:

Email your resume and cover-letter (including references) along with examples of your asbuilt work to cover-letter should give a brief description of how you would approach recording measurements of a structure to recreate that structure in digital form (where you would start, how you would proceed). This job requires attention to detail. This is a contract position. Compensation based on project scope.


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