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Check over our frequently asked questions or feel free to reach out to use by phone or email any time.

For a complete explanation of pricing please visit our blog article How much do asbuilts cost?

In short: The price of your asbuilts will be dependent on the size, scope, complexity, and location. We use the newest laser technology, so very small projects (ie: part of a small house, a residential garage only, a small building code violation, only a room or two of a commercial building etc..) are better suited for other industries like small local drafting companies or individuals. We do not have a flat price per square foot as there are far too many variables. The easiest and fastest way for us to provide you with a price is through our Quick Quote request form located in the menu of our website. Once you submit this form, we will review your project information and send over a quote the next day with our fee, lead time, and project completion timeline.

We provide our services nationwide as we have field surveyors in all major cities as well as outlying areas.

Our typical lead time is 3-7 business days. This can change depending on our workload, but we strive to keep our lead times under 2 weeks. Our lead time will be included on your quote.

Our onsite surveys can range from a day to weeks depending on the size, scope, complexity and deliverable chosen. The amount of time needed for the onsite survey for your project will be included on your quote.

The project completion timeline is dependent on your scope of work, the complexity of the project, as well the deliverables you have chosen. This time could range from a week to several weeks depending on the project size and scope. Our completion timeline will be included on your quote.

If you are unsure of which services to order, please consult with your architect or design professional. Due to the wide variety of uses for asbuilt plans, we cannot determine which services you will need. We recommend having your design professional fill out the Quick Quote request form for you.

Yes! Most of the buildings we survey are occupied. We also have plenty of experience surveying during due diligence, and will never divulge the use of the asbuilt. If anyone asks our field personnel why they are surveying, they will simply explain they are collecting data to make plans, no other information will be provided. Although rare, depending on the use of the building as well as your preference, it may be better for us to survey on a weekend or after hours. This will be noted on your quote if this applies to your project.

We can document anything that is visible and accessible. We do not have ground penetrating radar and we cannot document anything inside of walls unless it is visibly exposed (wall board removed or access panels provided prior to our arrival). We can document what is visible on the ceiling, but will not remove ceiling tiles or climb ladders. We do not enter crawl spaces or any spaces with a head height below 5’.

Please check with your municipality for the requirements of your permit. We do not sign and seal plans.


We document existing conditions to scale.